Niteroi is a city of just over 500,000 inhabitants, with a high quality of life and many attractions. The City of Janeiro, shares the beauty and multifunctionality of the Bay of Guanabara.  By the way, the ports of Rio and Niteroi are located in this bay, and the 2016 Olympics regatta was held on the Niteroi side of the bay. The crossing between the two cities can be made by land via the 13 km long Rio-Niteroi bridge or using the large and comfortable ferries Rio-Niteroi that connect the two cities’ downtowns. The departure time of the ferries is 20 minutes, and the trip lasts 20 minutes. A drive between Copacabana and Niteroi (NAB) takes approximately 50 minutes. Historically, Guanabara Bay was the main entrance to Brazil.


In Niteroi the visitor can see modern attractions such as the ones on the Niemeyer Way (Caminho Niemeyer), including the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC Niteroi) and several historical forts, built to protect the Bay’s entrance.


More information about the city of Niteroi and its tourist attractions can be found on this site.


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